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csicsus has started a donation pool!
30 / 500
here are a lot of beautiful pictures and i would like to buy them and support the artists - but i don't have any money because i'm a student and i'm poor :'(
i give llama and favs to supporters :heart:

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[ tʃ i tʃ u ʃ ]
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm an university student - teacher candidate on literature/hungarian grammar and pedagogy major. Just a romantic girl, who's obsessed with princesses, superheros, Tim Burton, Jane Austen, animes... - a lot ill-sorted thing, but i love them anyway xD

:heart: "I don't have ships... I have an Armada" :heart:
I'm a crazy proud shipper of:

My OTP: Roy x Riza (FMA)
roy x riza stamp by tigernightmare

Fairy Tail:
Gajeel x Levy - Gerard x Erza
Gajeel x Levy Stamp by whiteflamingo - Contest icon Entry - Gerard And Erza Fan by MewAqua1

Natsu x Lucy - Gray x Juvia - Romeo x Wendy
NaLu Stamp by Minni-Alice - Gruvia Stamp by AloiIchigo - RoWen Stamp by mrseucliffex

Soul Eater:
Stein x Marie - Soul x Maka - Black*Star x Tsubaki
SE: I Support SteinXMarie by ladythesta - Maka x Soul stamp by Superpluplush - Stamp Black Star x Tsubaki by MiaKa-CiD

Kid x Liz - Free x Eruka
KidxLiz stamp by armoured-armadillo - Eruka x Free by Gilligan-Stamps

Pandora Hearts:
Break x Sharon - Gilbert x Alice - Oz x Alice
.BreakxSharon stamp. by PHkins - Gilbert x Alice stamp by Marly-Ery - Oz x Alice Stamp by CeruleanSan

Black Butler:
Ciel x Lizzie - Vincent x Rachel
Ciel x Lizzy (For Real this time) by OhMyPhantomhive - Black Butler - Rachel x Vincent by csicsus

Nisekoi: Raku x Chitoge
Nisekoi: Raku x Chitoge by impervious9

Darker than black:
Hei x Kirihara - Hei x Yin - Hei x Amber
Hei and Misaki under the stars by escafan - Hei x Yin stamp by AllenWalkerHinamori - Amber and Hei by Lmelrey

Rave Master:
Let x Julia - Musica x Reina - Haru x Elie
Let and Julia RAVE 296 by LynetteNS - Musica And Reina by DoctorWho10 - Stamp_I support Haru X Elie by Haoiki

Log Horizon:
Naotsugu x Marie - Crusty x Lenessia
Marietsugu by Abby-desu - Log horizon - Raynesia and Crusty WIP by Airs-21

Hamatora: Nice x Art - Ratio x Birthday
Art x Nice by SucideKun - Birthday x Ratio by shennoken0511

Hetalia: Prussia x Hungary - Sailor Moon: Mamoru x Usagi - Zero's Familiar: Saito x Louise
- My first PrussHun stamp - by ChiuHatsune - SM Stamp - Usagi y Mamoru by hanakt - Louise x Saito by luvFAIL

SAO: Kirito x Asuna - Hataraku Maou-sama: Maou x Emi - Toradora: Ryuuji x Taiga
SAO stamp by SolusNox - Maou x Emilia by Nova-V-Dragoon12 - Ryuuji and Taiga by ChiisanaHoshi

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Ed x Winry - Al x Mei - Mustang x Lust
Edwin Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist - Cuuute Pair - Al x Mei Stamp by CeruleanSan - My Crack OTP by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

How to train you dragon: Hiccup x Astrid - Frozen: Kristoff x Anna
Hiccstrid Kiss Stamp by AstridHofferson - Kristanna Stamp by PixelCorgi

Period dramas:
Mr.Darcy x Lizzie (P&P) - Matthew x Mary (DA) - Mr. Thornton x Margaret (N&S)
Pride and Prejudice stamp by smilekeeper - Mary and Matthew by Grecian888 - Margaret and Thornton by fricken-pimp

Tim Burton's
Victor x Emily (CB) - Mad Hatter x Alice (AiW)
Emily and Victor by RavenxCorpse - TarrantXAlice stamp by suzie-chan

TV series:
Chuck x Blair (GG) - Booth x Brennan (Bones)
Blair x Chuck stamp by Cute-and-Cuddly - Bones X Booth by jozie-m

FAQ: What is my name's meaning?
It's a nickname I got in the high school. One day, our literature teacher tried to explain what's the typical traits of baroque. She said, baroque uses mushy and arty expressions, e.g. it says birdie instead of bird, then she said a lot of other examples which can't be translated to english, like: fütyülő (whistling) is a normal word, but in her opinion baroque would figure out some new mushy word instead of this, like 'fütyürgő-mütyörgő' (this word not just doesn't exist in english, even it doesn't in hungarian langue...) My class almost burst out in a laugh, but nobody dared, because she was famously strict and wicked. We almost drown as tried to hold laughing back, but she continued: baroque doesn't say macska or cicus (cat or kitty), it would say: csicsuska-micsuska (it's also a non-existing word, but its approximately meaning: super cute awww OMG kitten + diminutive suffixes) Well, I couldn't hold it back anymore, I bursted out loud a laugh. She almost killed me, but my classmates considered me very brave that I dared to laugh during her class xD So - as I was ever known a cat-person anyway - it just stuck on me by my classmates after this incident.

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MIOSTAR Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Thank you so much for the llama
Luriane Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Thank you so much for the fave *bows deeply*
Hopefully you will draw new generation stuff again  La la la la 
csicsus Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
no problem :hug:
I'll upload some FT next generation stuff soon (I'm so glad that you're waiting for it *-*)
ps.: last time I visited your gallery I overlooked your Nalu kid accidentally, but since I noticed it I love her :love:)
PlanarShift Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the favorite! <3
champignonkinoko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
!! You ship most of my favourite couples! Checked out YoruichixUrahara (non-canon, Bleach) and the classic - RoguexGambit (X-men)? If you have to choose a favourite among your favourites, who'd it be?
csicsus Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
choose... favourite? :D it's too hard :D anyway, the ship which left the biggest impression of me was Mustang x Hawkeye - they were my first ship ever and I have some special relationship with FMA as it was the first anime I've ever seen :)
anyway, maybe Jellal x Erza (FT) and Sharon x Break (Pandora hearts) seem to be my very favourites recently... but... but... awww there are so many great pairings there, I can't choose :D
btw, I'll check out the two series you wrote; actually I've heard a lot of good about Bleach already, it started to interest me...
champignonkinoko Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
The mainstream titles (Bleach, One Piece, Naruto) are all good, although the length of these titles have gotten too long that I think it's difficult for the authors to maintain that 'oomph' factor it had at the start. I still like One Piece, but Bleach and Naruto less so...

For some reason I have only been shipping couples that are not main characters!
By the way if you like FMA, you might like Attack on Titan too. Give it one episode :)
csicsus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I haven't watched Attack on Titan, thanks for recommending :)
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JiaRoyale Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Welcome back!   :iconfma-pairings:
ronekimew Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanx for the fave!!!! :huggle:
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